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gate_entrance_eam_2012There has been a lot of speculation about a major change from 2014 in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. There were a lot of changes in GATE-2013 too which can be seen as a start for some more changes. The pattern of the paper is to be such that it should be able to cover as much portion of the syllabus as possible because of the massive syllabus of GATE Exam.

The GATE-2013 paper had some drastic changes from the previous years’ papers and this year, that is, in GATE-2014, there is a possibility of the following changes taking place:

1. Some radical changes will be made!

There will be an entire new type of exam going to happen this time around, as states a report of MHRD, saying that they are in consultation with an international and experienced test origination for GATE and NET exams. No wonder some GRE and TOFEL like exam is made this time.

2. Two Papers rather than a Single One.

First one would be more or less like the GRE paper and the Second paper could be a Subject based exam covering all topics this way.

3. First Paper

First paper would be like GRE paper as explained which might be named GATE-Pre (consisting of math and aptitude and may have some questions asked from subjects) and its scores can be same as GRE too. PSUs and other organizations can recruit using these scores as is the trend going these days.

4. Second paper

Second paper would be based entirely on Subjects and M.Tech admissions would be based on the scores in second paper. To appear for the second paper one need to be above certain cutoff in first paper as is the case with IIT exam these days that you have to qualify in AIEEE exam.

5. Previous Degree Marks

GATE scores could also consider earlier degree marks for making final scores as is, again, the case with IIT Exam’s new pattern.

Is the New Pattern going to be implemented in GATE-2014?

Govt. is looking for it to start from GATE 2014. This will be clear after the issuing of the GATE notification this year. Mostly, first paper would be computer based and second paper can be offline.

Preparation Strategy

If you are looking to start preparing for GATE 2014, start looking into aptitude first as it is expected to be a part of GATE-2014 in both the case. Spare some time from your preparation to look into the GRE aptitude and maths sections. Do start looking into basics of core subjects too.

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    Dear Shashi,

    Thank you very much for offering the readers a very good option for GATE from Preparation point of view!

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    Expected changes in GATE 2014 information is helpful.

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    Dear Arunanand,

    Thank you very much for your support and compliments! Keep reading for more news on GATE-2014 exam.

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    From where did you get this information? other websites!

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    Dear Raj,

    Not at all my friend!
    The information provided here is based on my experience and studying of various Govt reports & websites.

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    thnx for the above article .it was really helpful.the tips provided are effective and could easily double your efficiency if considered seriously.i really appreciate your article.

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